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Everything is better on holiday . . .

Why yes, it is that time again!  My resolution for next term is to not only take more pictures, but to try and update this silly blog more often--I know i'll appreciate it once i'm far away from this place and back home . . . but this is not the time for sad thoughts!  My holiday plans are quite random, and, at the time they were made--mostly spontaneous.  as of today there are only 4 people left on my hall, 3 of them are the aussie medics who don't actually get much of a break, and the other jya left is just sticking around until his choir jets off to france for the break.  i'm here for 5 more days.  5 days!  i'm not really sure what i'll end up doing.  Yesterday I was cycling to my riding lesson and saw a sign for the motorway (interstate) that basically read, "London, 50mi this way"  One stroke of brilliance later, and I decided i wanted to cycle to london.  and so we're off! bright and early tomorrow morning.  It's quite a ways, but we're planning on taking it easy and just enjoying the ride, and hopefully getting to london in time to take a train back to cambridge.  Then monday i'll probably just be recovering, and Tuesday is St. Patty's Day, which we're actually going down to London for (on a train this time)  and celebrating like i'm sure only the brits know how (i've seen people in pubs drinking beer with their breakfast!--no worries, i won't be partaking in those kinds of shenanigans).  wednesday i actually have another riding lesson planned, and then I guess Thursday is for me to finally pack up!  I suppose the 5 days won't be so horrible after all.  Friday I'm off to Belfast for the weekend i  really hope i make it to Derry!  and then on Sunday I meet up with Amy in London (she's spending this week with her parents) and we're off to Istanbul where we begin our 3 1/2 weeks of traveling through greece and serbia and croatia  and italy eventually ending up in germany!  sometimes, i really can't believe how amazing my life is right now.  but as wonderful and amazing this year has been, i can only hope that it just keeps getting better, as i have many years left, to have many great adventures.

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