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Holiday? YES PLEASE!

That's right, I'm going off on holiday--tomorrow morning starting at 4am. got to love those red-eye flights. I'm traveling with a friend til new years in Paris where we will be joined by another friend, the more the merrier! So, I guess a quick catch-up on my life is needed before I go off and have 5 weeks worth of adventures! I did get to go down to London, and the big city was everything that it is cut out to be. Westminster Abbey? gorgeous, and their all-male choir's Evensong should only be described as heavenly.
We also stopped by the queen's home sweet home. But, unfortunately we weren't able to see a changing of the guard. This next picture probably accurately describes how Obama obsessed all of Europe really is:
That's right--a store's window devoted to the new president elect. London was great, and I hope to go back there and stay overnight sometime next term--we'll see how the whole timing thing goes, there's not very much free time over here!

Well, I'm off to pack and tidy up my room for the spring cleaning they'll do while we're gallivanting around. in T-minus 4 1/2 hours I will be on a train to Stansted airport to fly to Oslo, the first leg of my adventure. Yes, I'm going to Norway in the dead of winter, and No, I'm not crazy--I have relatives there! They are being very kind and opening up their homes for my friend and I. Talk about a true world-wide community. I'm not
quite sure what all our plans include, as only about 2 weeks are completely planned for, but spontaneity is half the fun, right?

So my dear friends and family, I know i've been a horrible "blogger" (it's not really my thing) but I'll be sure to clue you in to some of the goings on this holiday break. Have a very merry holiday season, however your family celebrates it, it would be wonderful to be home for the holidays, but this is the chance of a lifetime, and of course--I'm taking it by the reins.Me, Amy, and Nicole in front of Buckingham Palace Gates and the queen's royal crest.

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