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British Celebrations!

Well my friends, this update is long overdue; and so much has happened this past week I really don't know where to start! So, Halloween Bop--that was were we ended up spending our night on Oct. 31st as it was right next door and none of us wanted to walk all the way to town center to check out what other colleges/pubs were doing for the night. It ended up being a fun time! We got the dj to play some American dance music, so it wasn't a night entirely filled with Euro-pop. Here are some pictures from the night:

Some of the gang before we went down to the Great Hall for the bop, we have a soon-to-be urkel, the Joker, Amy Winehouse, Panda, Cindy McCain, Sarah Palin, Cleopatra, Little Red Riding Hood, a Ninja, and a Vampire. One of the Brits at the dance stopped us before we went in and exclaimed, "Oh My God! Its Sarah Palin! That's sooo funny!" her costume was spot on, glasses and all.

Cody, our resident comic book enthusiast went as The Green Lantern. Amy, a ninja, sortof just fades into the background with her costume, but it was awesome. Carly, the pirate, was in the middle of saying something to our photographer, I think . . .

Anyway, the bop was a su
ccess, there was even a blow-up castle for us to jump around in if we got bored of dancing! But, as you all know, I love dancing--so I never got the chance to try-out the "castle." next time I suppose!

The next big holiday was Guy Fawkes Day. For those of you who haven't seen "V for Vendetta," rent it and watch it. awesome movie. but anyway, as the movie says, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up British Parliment and in doing so, kill the reigning King--a very long time ago, Nov. 5, 1605. He and his friends didn't succeed (luckily, because the parliment building is beautiful!) but, that night bonfires were lit to celebrate the king's safety and since that night the Brits light bonfires on Nov. 5th and burn Guy Fawkes in effigy. It's a bit intense. BUT they do put on one heck of a fire works show before hand! I've heard the celebrations are off the hook in London, but Cambridge did a pretty good job themselves!

Here are a couple pictures of the fireworks and some of our group by the bonfire:

So Guy Fawkes Night? another big hit--gotta love holidays where they light things on fire!

There was also a carnival going on!

There was a merry-go-round with motorcycles instead of horses to ride around on, light up, twirly, spinny rides, and of course--carnival food. But, the hot dogs were really sausages.

Then (last one, I promise!) I went to see one of my friends play football for the varsity university team! We call it soccer in the states, but
the really awesome part is that this is the team that will play "that other college's team" (Oxford) in the Spring. So that was kind of exciting too. Go Cambridge Blue!

All in all, it was a very eventful, fun-filled week. and there's only more good times to come.

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