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the spoken word

I have come to notice that I speak slightly differently here than back at home. Not with an altered English accent, no, that would be to logical. Instead, I find myself adapting more of an American accent, if that is possible. It's quite funny when I catch myself doing it, especially since I seem to think in more of an English accent, using words and phrases that I pick up from my fun new acquaintances.
In my last neuro supervision we had a 15 min discussion about the different ways we pronounce scientific words in America. For example, methyl (meth-el) is pronounced me-theigh-yl, vesicle (ves-eh-cull) is pronounced
vi-see-cull, and apparently, somewhere along the line we Americans misspelled aluminum as here it is, aluminium (al-lu-min-e-um). It is a weird, weird place that I am living in my friends. But i love it. a lot.

On a different note, we had a bit of a hair dying spree over here on the 2nd floor of Queen's Wing:

Jacque and Amy and me. They are former blonds turned light brunettes, (though Jacque's hair now has a reddish hue) while I have gone with a pink underlayer beneath my hair. I think the dye I used actually bleached my hair because my roots are very light. it'll be interesting to see what happens when it starts to grow out.

This Friday is Halloween, which they do celebrate here! there are various Halloween Bops hosted around Cambridge, along with Ghost Tours, Midnight Punting, and of course, pub crawls. I'm thinking of going as a modern twist on Cleopatra. Whether or not that works out . . . i'll let you know.

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