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scientific prostitution.

what?! am i reading the title correctly? surely she didn't just say prostitution . . .
well my friends, it has come to this. though the exchange rate is ridiculously good right now ($1.58/pound!), that does not change the fact that Europe is expensive. and so, i have decided to make my spending money by donating my body to science. Not a bad deal in my opinion: the scientific community is helped out by my contributions to their various experiments, and (depending on the study) I make 30 pounds for 1 and 1/2 hours of "work." It's almost making me wish that the exchange rate wasn't so good for the dollar. meh. almost.

I participated in my first scientific study today. It was a vascular research study, apparently they are trying to figure out a gene that causes the stiffening of vascular arteries. Basically I let them take some blood, and then let them take my blood pressure . . . 300 billion times. but really, I'm now 30 pounds richer! good deal, I say.

The next one? an MRI bran scan. that one's only worth ~20 pounds. bah. got to make a living somehow!

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Anonymous said...

1.58/$1.00 is not quite correct. It all depends where one goes to exchange their money. I just bought some British pounds and I paid $1.79 for every pound I got. I am a little lucky, I bought enough pounds so my transaction fees were waived.