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The other day, we went punting on the Cam.

We switched off being the "punter" which is actually harder than it looks. we would struggle along, and then the punters who push the poles for a living would speed by us, deftly navigating in between the cambridge students who were trying their hand at punting. It was a lot of fun though.

We went under the mathematical bridge.

and we had quite a few laughs.

All in all, it was a top day. The most recent adventure we went on was to a squash. Now, this isn't squash as in the sporting match, but a gathering for people who are interested in a certain group's activities. We choose the Caving Squash as our activity to learn more about. I think I want to go caving at least once, but I'm not sure I'll become an enthusiast, it gets quite expensive. we'll see.

one of the most spur of the moment things I did today was to cut myself bangs. i should never be allowed into cosmetology school.
Fortunately, Carly, (another JYA) said she would help me fix them.

TaDa! bangs.

so. one hour til rowing practice
. i think i'll take a nap.


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