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first day of class

Oh my goodness, I love my classes; well, the ones I've been to anyways. My day started bright and early at 9am as I sat in on an "intro to the cns" lecture for 2nd year medics (medical students) and then went on to a 2nd year neurobiology lecture at noon geared more towards actual scientists. Apparently I can't actually enroll in the medic class (ie: get it on my transcript) as it would cost a lot more since it is only for medical students. However, anyone can attend any of the University's lectures, so I did. The system here is quite a bit different than in America, but I'll try to explain it as I understand it, so bear with me. So, within Cambridge University there are the different colleges--your college is where you find supervisors for your specific classes and a tutor for your major. However, students from all colleges attend the same lectures which the University provides. So even though I'm from Homerton college, one of the people I sat next to in lecture today was from Trinity college. It kindof makes me wonder why they even distinguish between the colleges, but they do here. Well, the sports teams from individual colleges play each other, and then if you're REALLY good you get to be on the top university team and compete against Oxford's top university team.

Oh! tomorrow morning I try out for rowing
, I'm kind of excited but not really expecting much since I've never rowed. It's okay though, I don't mind being on the lower novice crew, psh, I am a novice! Apparently we have to try out a rowing machine
, and then actually get in a boat in pairs and try to row. I'm actually missing some lectures for it, but not for any classes that I'm enrolled in--just interesting sounding ones.

word to the wise: European foam parties are off the hook. and ridiculously fun. I love being abroad!

This, my friends, is a foam party. (it's really soap bubbles)

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