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PC update.

Well, I've finally heard back from my medical clearance screening lady and the verdict is:

I have to wait until March to be cleared.

BUT as long as there aren't any complications it looks like I will be cleared!

So, bad news and good news.  And more waiting, wonderful.  I knew what I was getting into when I got this eye procedure done, and I don't regret it because it's been a really good thing--but man oh man, am I tired of being in Peace Corps limbo.

In other PC news (since I try not to blog about it too much even though I'm thinking about it every day--if you're in the waiting process you totally know what I'm talking about) I went with one of my roommates to the recruiting event my university hosted the other day.  And it was interesting for me to go with someone who really can't imagine doing the PC, because I can't imagine anyone not wanting to.  Of course, I have this problem where I normalize all of my opinions and desires onto everyone else... i think it's pretty standard behavior (obviously)  :-P  But going to that event made me sure that even though I hate this endless waiting, it's worth it-because the Peace Corps is definitely something I want to be a part of in my lifetime.  Yay for reminders of why I'm doing this in the first place!


... said...

You're totally gonna get it! I officially withdrew my application.

.M. said...

you did?! well, city year will be awesome and you'll be so great at it!! can't wait to hear your stories from it :-)