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2010. review.

new york! stolen kisses. warm coats. wandering streets. stairwells. back to class. zeta zeta zeta. last pref. sadness. laughter. research research research. coffee. beer. valentines cake. late nights. wine. papasan chair. redo synthesis. late mornings. music. golden gate bridge! cold cold ocean. sunrise inspiration. memories. exploration. swanky. red bull. pub night. sprint tri. emergency room. falafel. new friends. chapter room. presentation. laughter. exams. EXAMS. red bull red bull.  bagpipes. medals. graduation. separation. bahamas! beach beach beach. tan. chicago. suit coat. interview. nigeria ambassador. couchsurf. colorado. wedding. see you laters. memories. rocks. home. lucy. fireworks. friends. nomination! paperwork. appointments. bordertown. tequila. church. commissioner. women women women. abused. paperwork. The System. resources. teenagers. corruption. frustration. BABY. overwhelmed. court court court. helplessness. community. hope. new friends. wedding. speech. quarters. mexico. grandma tour guide. cheek kisses. smiles. chorizo. good byes. jazz. old friends. new beginnings.

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grandma tour guide. LOL