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So this is it.  The anti-climatic ending of my time down here on the border.  There are some people speaking in Spanish in the kitchen, kids playing in the room next to mine, sounds of the train going through town over to Mexico filtering through the walls and sunny sunny skies outside.

i guess as far as endings go, this one is actually quite fitting.

Am I going to miss this place?  I think so.  And I really would like to come back, someday.

But I can feel it in my gut, it's time to move on to the next thing.  Pre-reqs for the grad program I'm interested in? Yes. I'm kinda looking forward to being back in school. Peace Corps? Oh who knows--maybe there's a reason the application process takes a year, to weed out the impatient people like me.

Ah well, things will work themselves out, I'm sure. Pues, andale mija, es hora de ir.

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