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It's something everyone experiences.  And some people are better at handling it than others.

I had always thought I was one of those people who is good at handling their stress I mean, I laugh pretty easily, I'm a 'go with the flow' kind of person... but I've discovered that I'm just really REALLY good at ignoring my problems (ie: I'm good at pretending I have nothing to stress about--it's what got me through ugrad).

But when it comes to dealing with people instead of papers ignoring my stress is not really possible.  Especially when the stress comes from needing to find a cheap, clean, safe place for  a 16month old baby and his mother to live before the shelter closes in 5 days.

I know it's stupid and selfish, I even already know the answer but sometimes I wonder--why haven't I left yet? The oldest women who has come through our shelter was 56 and the youngest was 23 and I, I've been responsible for all of them--and their kids. And for those of you who know me, I'm barely able to be responsible for myself... and I kinda hate kids.  Well, hate is a strong word, I really can't stand being around babies or young kids for long periods of time.

*sigh* Right then. Self-pity party over. 5 days. I've got some resources to look up.

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Lew said...

Oh, you'll handle the 'stressors' associated with human services just fine, BUT only after you internalize a perspective on the loci of responsibilities.
Keep in mind that you have a responsibility to know about community resources & how to access them AND a responsibility to accurately identify the needs of others and establish a clear plan for how to help them pursue the appropriate resources. Of course, in the process of helping others, you have to engage them in ways that develop a trusting relationship with which you can motivate the others to accept their responsibilities and follow-through with your treatment plans. Only by enabling others to resolve their own problems will you ever truly help them to attain self-regulation and break self-defeating dependencies that hinder their personal growth.
You sound as though you have a profound capacity to become an excellent change agent (and a rare professional).
I will follow-through outside of this forum and contact you through the address you provided earlier.
Continued best wishes in all of your endeavors!