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the search.

Job search that is.

It's everything everyone told me it would be, but 10x more frustrating.  I guess I've been lucky up till now--the jobs I've had in the past kinda just came to me. Being a private music instructor for kids in my neighborhood, research grants for science-y stuff dealing with my major in ugrad and an internship that kinda just fell into my lap.  This whole going out to a ton of different places, putting in applications, calling back the next week to be sure they know you're interested, going in for interviews and trying to convince them that even though you have no experience in the job opening they have (cashier, hostess, etc) you'd be great at it...

well, it's exhausting.

I'm past the whole "I'm way too overqualified for this job" stage that I was in when I first started job searching because when you're looking at part-time jobs (I do still have classes to attend) the fact that you have a degree really doesn't matter because people with degrees look for full-time jobs, "grown-up" jobs... careers.  I'm not quite grown-up enough for that yet.

So here I am. Desperately waiting to hear back from somebody, anybody saying that they're willing to give my lack of experience but highly enthusiastic self a chance.

I mean, I'd give me a chance if I were them.  I might be biased though.


... said...

If you ever want a job working in a pretzel store in Overland Park, you know who to call ;)

Kelsey Rogers said...

Sometimes I just have to put my boots on, grab my Texas attitude and pretend to take down the world. It makes rejection just a little easier...