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Two Weeks!

That's right. 14 days. I just officially said goodbye to Jewell, had an awesome time with recruitment (as well as a very special room on the zeta wing), and have returned to salina to postpone packing until it absolutely
must be dealt with.

It's slowly becoming more and more real that this whole traveling abroad for a year thing is actually happening . . . but it still hasn't completely sunk in, weird.

You should probably know that i'm not very confident in my "blogging" skills--i've never been able to consistently keep a diary (i have about 5 unfinished ones from grade school lying around)--but i'll give it a good go, so check on me if you wish. I plan on having many exciting adventures, even some that I can share on the world wide web!

exciting news of the day: the pound is equal to 1.78 US. dollars. here's hoping it goes down further!

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